Monday, November 25, 2013

perk #1 - self-sufficiency

so far, i have a list of perks and other blog topics i'm going to be writing about at some point. but to kick start the perks of the single life segment, i thought it appropriate to begin with the most obvious one, at least in my opinion, and that is self-sufficiency. 

i actually googled the definition of self-sufficient (nerd) to see what good ol' merriam-
webster had to say about it, since these gentlemen can more eloquently explain such a simple idea. here are a few ways this phrase was broken down: "able to live or function without help or support from others" and "able to maintain oneself or itself without outside aid; capable of providing for one's own needs." i think that pretty much summarizes my life as a single woman, and i'm not gonna's pretty awesome. 

before you jump to conclusions, i know exactly where the blessing of self-sufficiency comes from. i know that without God i wouldn't have a job, a home, my very life, for that matter. but he has provided me a job, which in turn has given me the ability to provide my own needs without assistance from another person. 

i'll be honest, another word that coincides with the title of this post is "independent,"  
which immediately makes me think of the song "independent women" by destiny's child (throwback!). you know the one...sing it with me, won't you? "the shoes on my feet, i bought it. the clothes i'm wearing, i bought it. the house i live in, i bought it, cause i depend on me..." and if i'm being real, that makes me feel really good because it's so true in my life. 

i look around my home, and i see the life i've built for myself, and it's a good one. don't get me wrong, i owe a lot to my parents, too. they have sacrificed a LOT to help me get my house, and they paid for my undergraduate education, they bought my car 10 years ago. they helped me find the strength to stand on my own. i don't know where i'd be without their love and generosity, and their ability to financially support me until i could support myself. but ask them and they will tell you that i've always been an independent child, wanting to get out on my own and do things for myself. 

a word of caution to this happy tale, we singles need to be careful to not let the negative kind of pride blind us to who truly is behind all that we are able to provide ourselves. the Bible talks a lot about the bad type of pride that can destroy us. but there is another type of pride that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside when you do something good, or a job well done, or finish a difficult task. the type of pride that doesn't compare our situation to others, but instead recognizes the gifts God has given each of us, and is just happy we accomplished something positive in our lives. 

i'm proud of the fact that i have a bachelor's and a master's degree. i'm proud that i've had a steady job for 4 years, and that i'm actually good at it, when i didn't have any confidence in my abilities before entering the job market. i'm proud that i'm a homeowner as a single, 27 year old woman. i'm proud that my only debt holding me down is my mortgage, and i bought everything i own and pay all my bills without needing a second income or a handout. i'm proud of myself when i make a difficult, but good decision that i know pleases the Lord. but i also know that all of these things have been given to me out of God's overflowing grace. i'm proud of that. i'm proud to call myself His, and i'm proud with what He has accomplished so far in my life. i'm proud of the self-sufficiency i've been given by Him. and let's be honest, i'm proud that i'm not the type of girl to wait for someone else to take care of me. God takes care of me by helping me take care of myself. 

without this period of singleness and self-sufficiency, i may never have known my full potential or truly appreciated what i am capable of on my own. i'm thankful for the opportunity to know this side of myself. if you are single, really take a good look at what you've accomplished in your life, and be grateful for God's willingness let you stand on your own two feet for a time. take pride in your work and your accomplishments, and don't forget it is a gift that shouldn't be taken for granted.

yay for self-sufficiency! high-fives all around! come back next week for another perk of my single life. 

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